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 Ernestine says a lot about things being different, but there’s one thing she didn’t even mention. And it’s the one thing you should definitely know: Nothing is more different that Ernestine and I are from each other. 
We’re both 10 when our stories begin, but we
live in different neighborhoods, go to different schools, 
and have different friends. From the looks of things, we even like different foods! (You’ll know what I mean after you read one of our stories.)
There is one thing that’s the same for Ernestine and me.
My sister, Madelyn, and Ernestine’s brother, Marcus,
like each other. Both of us agree that the two of them
being boyfriend and girlfriend is TERRIBLE!
So far our stories go from when we’re 10 to when we’re 13.
A lot happens and changes during that time. But in
my opinion, somebody—I’m not going to say who—
unfortunately keeps on being her same self!
Our stories take place in the 1950s and 1960s.
Wow! Almost 60 years ago!
In many ways, those times were like times today. Kids had best friends—and enemies (like I do).  We had sisters and brothers who were sometimes a pain; we played games and hung around together when we could
In other ways, things were really different. For one thing, we could never text our friends on cell phones because that kind of phone hadn't been invented yet! If we saw something that read JK LOL, we wouldn't have had any idea what it meant!
But you would, right?
 Things were different in another very important way. Mostly I’m talking about how African Americans (most of us called ourselves “Negroes” then) were treated in America.
Sometimes our stories help show this. And sometimes the stories mention people who actually lived
and events that really happened. 
I think this site will help you explore our times.  But it won’t help you understand somebody whose name I’m not going to mention. 
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